Tuesday, January 26, 2016

J leaving

I have known J for 17 years.
She's a sweet lady and someone at work I admired.  She is professional and diplomatic and generally, isn't a problem starter who cannot behave herself.  We need more people like that in the world, and at work.  I wish her much success in her post retirement plans! 

We reserved a long table at Matt's El Rancho back in December.  
Her grown kids came - that was super nice. 
Unfortunately, they had to sit apart from our very long and very full table.  Bummer.
I like eating there - we've always gotten good food and good service. But I don't think everyone did...not sure how J and her family felt about their meals! I heard a couple of complaints here and there, but I was there strictly to say Good Luck to J, and I knew I would be eating dinner later with the fam.
I had a fab time.  I got to leave work a few hours early, got to sit next to C, who is a very fun person when she drinks, got my Mexican Martini paid for by a nice person, ate a few chips, then left to buy Chinese food for my peeps.

Some people from work seem like they are tightly wound no matter where they are...
I think that in general, the people who show up to these sorts of events are my kind of folks.  They want to be happy and have fun.  They appreciate that the person on the receiving end is someone who has given a big chunk of their life to their job, and they want to let that person know they will be missed.  I think its lovely.
I hope someday the people I have enjoyed working with will come to my retirement dinner...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Let's be realistic

Resolutions for the year! 
This time last year I was all about rehab for my knee and getting back to work.  Sprinkled in here and there were items of a more personal nature, some of which naturally worked themselves out.  Nevermind that natural can be cruel.  What's done is done, though.  I'm not going backwards.

Every year about this time I say I will drop some of the pudge I managed to accumulate over the holidays.  I am trying.  Well, on some days.  Ok, not very many days.  I was doing well for a little while, then I lost focus.  I am trying to build enough steam to get going again.  But managing to drink more water and take my vitamins every day is a win.  I am also sticking to the rare cup of coffee with creamer in it; mostly I drink it black.  I set up my FitBit account and am logging as best I can.  And I managed to give away most of my Christmas candy.  Except for these:

Homemade pralines from my mother do not count, calorie-wise.  Like a wise friend reminded me, I won't have my mother around forever to make me pralines.
But it's a new year and time to make new goals.  So here goes:

*Read and stitch more
*Watch some really good movies, not just PBS cooking shows
*Take a trip with Mark in Mabel at least every other month
*Stop buying size XL
*Hug my family more often
*Do some major projects around the house
*Leave Work at work, where it belongs
*Be kinder

 Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sputtering and stalling

So.  Please enjoy some gloomy Turkey Trot pics while I complain.  Because after all, that's what this blog space is all about for me.  My Judgement-free Zone of Bitch and Moan.
 Hubby and me at the start - oh no you didn't, Rain.

I am so very glad the holidays are over. I mean, they had their fun moments, but overall, it was only moments.  I know I sound first world bratty, and I hate that.  I need to find a way to make them more meaningful, that's for sure.

 A million people on the rain and sweat soaked streets of Austin.  Fun times.

I really felt like Thanksgiving got us off on a bad foot.  Literally.  No one but Hubby and I wanted to do the Trot, although The Girl tagged along as our driver, so she could take her dog to play at Zilker.  It was like walking through bath water, fully clothed.

This is Hubby, with his long-legged stride, zooming ahead of me.  

The weather was sucky, my people didn't really seem to be happy, the food was meh, there was waaay too much alcohol consumed, we argued over card games.  It just wasn't the old Thanksgiving of years' past.  Even Hubby noted "it seems really different nowadays".  

Only a couple or three miles to go from this point...

I feel like Ma Kettle.  I got what I wanted but I find that it isn't as fulfilling as I imagined it would be.  And that seems kind of baffling.  Most of the change we are experiencing is just real life, after all.  No one promised me Life wouldn't be terrifying or uncomfortable at times.  I just thought that, by now, I could have stored up a little more contentment.  Is this what is meant by mid-life crisis?  Is this all there is?  If not, how do I find the rest?

 All around me soggy people.

 Occasionally, Hubby will have one of those moments when he obviously thinks along the same lines. Where should we start looking first?   In volunteerism?  Philanthropy?  Learning?  Travel?  At the same time, I think having "kids" means for him that you stay put so you don't lose someone, or so they don't lose you.  I never had that problem growing up - everyone came and went whenever they pleased and no one seemed to notice.  In fact, leaving was kind of a common theme.  
People were encouraged to Go Away.

The last photo I took before my phone died.  This is Town Lake, aka Ladybird Lake.

I don't choose to feel sad, but the changes don't seem to be going in a positive direction.  Or rather, they are stalling Life out.  So it would be great to be able to figure out the first step.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I didn't used to be the type who would engage in a conversation with a stranger in the grocery store.  I'm really more like my mother - standoffish.  But it seems like the older I get, the more open to it I am.  What do I have to lose anyway?  I'm not out there to make friends, but I can engage in a little convo with another human.  Especially now that the kids are getting grown, the cat is gone, and Hubby and I can only text during the day.  Plus, working with the general public the last few years probably helped me in the social interaction department. 

In HEB recently, an older gentleman was eyeballing my grocery list as it lay on the cart in the checkout lane.  He said "Mind if I ask you something?  Would you know that was your grocery list if it didn't say 'list' at the top of the page?"  I didn't tell him that in my house, I lay out the list and title it so that people can come write down what they need from the store.  If I don't title it, for some reason they won't do it.  And if you don't write it on my list, it won't get bought.  But I just laughed and told him "probably not". 
Another lady asked me if she could have red Jell-O as part of her colonscopy prep.  (I was wearing scrubs so I looked knowledgeable, I guess) Or, maybe I'm starting to develop a friendlier countenance instead of my usual closed-off look.  Who knows?
I think it's basically a good thing.