Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On taking care of me

Hits and Misses on my continued quest to take better care of me.  Misses:

Drinking more water
Drinking less alcohol
Eating more veggies
Eating less fried foods and fast food
Walking more often, getting to the pool to exercise
Making meditation a regular part of my routine
Feeling better about work and life
Not "everything in moderation" anymore.  
More like "make the right choices more often, the bad choices rarely, if at all".  
Why is that simple thing so hard to do??

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Positive interactions

There might be stressful things happening, but they don't define my every day.  Some nice, affirming things that have happened at work for a change:

 Roses where I work
*I stop into Dr. X's office to "hide" while I was waiting for my boss to meet with me.  She says I can come in a hide there any time.  She pauses at her work, and without turning around says "Gina, I really like working with you on the weekends".  Then I sit there some more, admiring the artwork that her two small kids have decorated her office with.
*I was in Walgreen's and see Dr. Y standing in an aisle so naturally I say,  "well, hello there!".  She responds, "Hi!  Are you going into work today?",  then she makes small talk with me, smiling all the while.  I didn't even think she would recognize me outside of work and she was very warm and friendly.  It occurs to me that maybe people outside of my department actually think well of me.
*Lastly, the chaplain at work emailed me to say she had been thinking of me and remembered me in her prayers.  It almost made me cry - so nice.  And it's true that I have felt a little better about my work situation with each week that passes.
*Another day, I see Dr. X and note that we are "twinsies" since we both have on the same scrubs.  She stops to spend time chatting. I tell her what doctor I had been working with and that he was unpleasant.  She says she doesn't understand why being a doctor makes anyone think they can be snotty to anyone else.  "They're not perfect, they're not God", she says.  
I think I've given too much power to people who don't have my best interests at heart.  I think that's slowly starting to change for me, and it's a good thing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Plan for Living update

So it's been a couple of months of "working the plan".  I found I could make some minor changes in it to allow me more free time to do what I want to do while getting done what I have to do.  And so far, it's helping me feel more in control of Life in general - that's a good thing!
My Plan for Living

Saturday and Sunday – One cup of coffee, no creamer. Have a lunch with fresh veg, fruit, protein. Have a diet drink for breakfast with almonds for snack. Drink 4 tumblers of water. Brush teeth at least once. Take vitamins and supplements. Do not eat candy or fried foods. Pack a Monday protein drink and lunch on Sunday night and set out scrubs. Fish oil at bedtime. No cooking duties on the weekend.

Monday – One cup of black coffee. Be sure to drink lots of water while at work. In the afternoon set out scrubs, pack a lunch and protein drink for Tuesday breakfast. Meditate or walk, depending on steps for the day. Make dinner, clean kitchen. Weigh, and fish oil at bedtime.

Tuesday – One cup of black coffee. Be sure to drink lots of water while at work. In the afternoon, meditate or walk, depending on steps for the day. Shop for groceries. Wash tumbler and place in tote. Clear out tote and hang. Make dinner, clean kitchen, start clothes laundry. Fish oil at bedtime.

For W,Th,F – One cup of black coffee and follow 4 tumbler of water plan, take vitamins and supplements, with fish oil at bedtime. Healthy lunches at home, but out no more than once a week. Aim for 12K steps. Use Barielle twice daily.

Wednesday – Remove nail polish. Weigh myself. Do errands. Catch up on blog posts, make To Do lists, clean floors, stitch or create.

Thursday - Ironing day, in addition to working the list. Weigh myself at night.

Friday – Clean bathrooms. Gas up car. Finish up To Do list for the week. Change sheets and wash linens and towels. Pack Sat./Sun. Lunches. Set out scrubs. Paint nails with clear coat.
At the hospital avoid venting. Stay out of gift shop and cafeteria.
At home don't dwell on work issues and only check Seton email on Friday.
Focus on self-improvement and health.
Limit alcohol.
I know it seems silly to "schedule" basic things like weighing yourself and rubbing nail cream on.  But I find that when I focus on doing those small things in an organized way, it gives me some measure of control over life, that for a while there, seemed very out of my hands.  So, making sure I do those little things gives me the control back without developing less desirable habits.  And taking care of my physical self is every bit as important as taking care of my psyche.  I have found that I am sleeping better, eating less while I am at work, not feeling overwhelmed with stuff I don't want to do at home, and in general, feeling better about my circumstances.  So far, so good, so I don't see myself abandoning this plan anytime soon.